I wanted the ability to make labels for orders via my Shopify account. In order to do this I needed access to the orders and the Shopify API promised the ability to do just that. …

I just bought my new M1 Apple Silicon Mac Mini, and after about a week of using it I ran into an issue related to different architectures and deployment of Docker containers. I can build and run images on my M1 Mac fine, but when I try and push the…

How to download streaming videos 2020

Tools Needed:
- Apple Mac
- A Chromium browser like Brave or Chrome
- The plugin extension HLS Downloader
- HandBreak
- Cable provider (Comcast, Cox, Frontier, etc)

Preamble( skip this if you want)

Have you ever wanted to download one of…


Photoshop ($10/month)
Eagle Cad (free)
Inkscape (free)


If you are someone who likes to create custom PBC’s and uses Eagle Cad, but find it difficult to create custom shapes and designs this tutorial is for you.

I have seen other tutorials doing this with KiCad EDA…


– Basic understanding of Node.js
– AWS Account (this is easy)
– Blynk.io account
– Amazon Echo
– DC5V LED WS2812B panel (found on ebay)


The first thing you will want to do is sign up for a blynk account. This is a great place to allow you to connect…

  • Raspberry Pi 3 B+
  • Image Raspbian onto your SD card
  • Set up your Pi with your configuration like Keyboard and wifi.

Lets Update

First, update your system’s package list by entering the following command:

sudo apt-get update

Next, upgrade all your installed packages to their latest versions with the command:


If you are one of the thousands (or millions I don’t know) of nerds out there who have a Mac and want to install Kali live on your MacBook running Mojave then this article is for you.

In this article we’ll look at 5 Docker CLI commands you should know. These might not be the most common commands but knowing about these will come in handy for debugging, free up memory and clean up.

1. Stopping All Containers

Stopping a container is pretty straight forward docker stop my_container but what if…

React Production Builds Using Docker Compose

If you have ever needed to create a docker container that runs a React app but you need to use a docker-compose file to add environmental variables to it but need it to be flexible enough to use any compose file on any given server (stage, prod, test) then this…

Are you like me and tired of doing anything with your hands? I mean that’s so 2015. Since the advent of Amazon’s Alexa (echo) in 2015, I’ve not touched a light switch, turned on a TV, or set the temperature in my house with my dirty hands. …

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